Welcome to, the country's leading mobile Mitsubishi pump seal replacement specialist now with over 1000 seals successfully replaced

Many other jobs are also undertaken on many other cars as long as its on something either Japanese, old, a bit different or something special, for some jobs distance is no problem meaning i have worked in every county across England plus plenty of jobs in Scotland and Wales too

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I have been a professional mechanic since 1979 and I'm based in Rainham, Essex.
My services vary as do my customers but mainly i find myself in the world of old school Japanese vehicles, performance and 4x4, and for the jobs i specialise in i tend to travel many, many miles, also if you do have something out of the ordinary please dont hesitate to get in touch as i much prefer working on cars that are a little different.

A very common job for me is replacing front injector pump seals on Pajero's, Shogun's, Delica's and Challenger's and i have now done over 1000 of these in just over 9 years all with excellent results. for this job i travel the UK a fair bit being a regular visitor to most places in the UK, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Devon, Northumberland also Scotland & Wales too, more info on prices for these can be found in the "Mitsubishi" section of this website, also i do have extensive experience with the mkiii Toyota Supra (and the mk4 too) for many years i was the club mechanic and have owned 4 my self two of which was trophy winning vehicles, plus i have owned and worked on many other rare classic Japs inc Toyota GT4 and the Nissan Stagea.

Why take time off work to visit a garage and then be without your car for the duration when I can come to your home or workplace? If there is space for your car to be parked then there is most probably space for it to be repaired too.

If you have any need for a mechanic call or email me today for a quote, you will, I hope, be pleasantly surprised.

As far as payment is concerned You can pay by cash, credit or debit card, bank transfer or Paypal (as a gift).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Phone now on 07825886525 to book a qualified mechanic straight to your door.

Credit & debit cards now accepted

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Don't just take my word for it, see what my customers have to say about my services.

Fast, efficient and friendly and willing to travel pretty much anywhere! - what more could you ask for! If anyone needs the Pajero sorted out then this is the man to do it! Mark from 07825 886525 This was to come from Essex to Reading and fix both the starter motor and the fuel pump seals in one go and for a tiny sum of £225. I went to my local garage who quoted me a full days labour to get it done wth the pump seal for £560 for just the fuel pump alone!!!!! Mark is a very confident man when it comes to your beloved Jap vehicles and that really did show, without the use or ramps etc. he had both these done in just a sniff over 2.5 hours! AND on top of that he even fixed a few odds and sods along the way which mark spotted while fixing the fule pump and starter motor. Thanks so much for your sterling work, fast, efficient and friendly - what more could you ask for! Brad

Pajero pump seal

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Photographs are great to both reflect upon the work completed, comparison of different vehicles or even just to show off!

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