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Mitsubishi Pajero/Delica/Shogun/Challenger fuel pump front seal (2.8td)

One of the speciality services i offer is a mobile fuel pump seal replacement service for the 2.8’s, be it a Pajero, Delica, Shogun or Challenger it will at some time need a new front pump seal
I have done over 1000 of these now all over the country (inc Wales and Scotland) with a 100% success rate, thats an average of at least 2 every week for 9 years and all with no issues what so ever so with a track record this good you know you your Mitsi is in safe & very experienced hands for what is considered to be a technically challenging job.

As any owner who has had the problem will know the engine stalling just down the road from home or in the middle of your road when pulling off your drive can be a real pain and if you put up with it for too long you will have oil in the diesel and diesel in the oil which can cause engine damage, sometimes severe, plus run the risk of burning out your stater motor and diesel engine run away too.

I can travel to your home or work and supply and fit a new injector pump front seal to your Pajero, Delica, Shogun or Challenger within local distance of my home in Rainham Essex for £175, I will happily travel further but only after prior agreement about additional fuel/travel cost and you will never be charged more than has been previously arranged unless you want additional work done after i have arrive on site.

Link to my eBay listing for pump seal replacement service

Pajero/Delica/Shogun/Challenger timing chain replacement

Also for the 2.8s i can supply and fit brand new top quality split link timing chains for £150 all in (dependant on location)
The design of these engines means quite normal amounts of chain stretch causes more than the normal loss in performance and fuel economy, amazingly most owners report an extra 100 miles from a tank of fuel after having there timing chain and pump seal replaced so quite a few owners are going this route knowing that the two things that can cause problems are sorted and will never cause an issue again in there ownership AND enjoy improved performance and economy as well.

Link to my eBay listing for timing chain replacement service

2.8td crank pulleys (damper pullley)

Crank shaft pulleys tend to come apart into two pieces the outer part making quite a mess as it parts company with your engine, i carry spares and these can be supplied and fitted on 2.8td Pajeros, Shoguns, Delicas and Challengers for £150 (again dependant on location) i also carry a supply of new good quality auxiliary drive belts usually made by Gates.

Link to my eBay listing for crank pulley replacement service

2.8td Pajero and Shogun replacement cylinder heads supplied and fitted

I can now supply and fit brand new built up 2.8td heads within around 100 mile radius from home (Rainham Essex) prices start from £995 and includes brand new built up new head, new head bolts, all gaskets, fresh coolant and engine oil & filter change.

Link to my eBay listing for cylinder head replacement service

Mitsubishi Pajero, Shogun and Delica 2.5td timing and balance belts inc both tensioners

I can supply and fit these complete kits from £250 dependant on location so if your looking to have your cam and balance belts changed please get in touch for a quote.

Link to my ebay listing for cam and balance belt replacement service

Also i also carry most spares for those little problems that may be found while on site, like leaking oil pressure switches, defective heater plugs, heater plug relays and the bolt in fuses, fuel filters, fuel filter housing, fuel hose, 2.8 cam cover seal kits, 2.8 timing chain tensioner, fan belts and EGR blanking kit’s.......... even 2.8 water pumps!

For more info on Mitsubishi Pajero’s/Shoguns take a look at the Pajero owners club at

for the Pajero owners club forum look here

& the Delica owners club forum

There both well worth a visit with many experienced owners with a wealth of information and who can offer answers to your questions..... and registration is free too.... 

Phone now on 07825886525 to book a qualified mechanic straight to your door.

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Mark replaced the clutch/gearbox and a drive shaft on my Gen 6 Celica, and soon to be replacing other drive shaft! Definitely recommended! Plus I got to see his Supra in person the other day, gorgeous, Wish my engine bay looked like that grin

Replaced clutch, gearbox, n/s drive shaft and brakes all round

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