Another of my favourite manufacturers of old school cool classic Japanese cars is Toyota and i think they are possibly one of the best too, below is just a small list of the Toyota family of cars (and Lexus) i happily work on, from basic repairs like cam belts & water pumps to engine modifications & power upgrades.

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Toyota Supra MKIII.

MKIII Toyota Supra!  I have owned my very own trophy winning MKIII Supra’s that has had plenty of modifications! (2nd place trophy for best uk Supra at JAE 2008) a 1990 3.0 i turbo auto and now another trophy winning 1989 3.0i turbo GT limited manual (very rare indeed) that recently won a 1st place Trophy for Best import at Jae 2010 so i know my way around these cars very well.

All aspects of the MKIII Supra engine and modification work is covered, its good to feel your MKIII Supra is in the hands of someone who not only understands them very well but is also an owner and has the special knowledge thats needed to be able to avoid problems. even jobs like a cam belt change without the right tools can lead to serious crankshaft damage, see pics below.

Head Gasket replacement..

A rather common job for me is head gasket replacement and over the last 10 years i have probably done around 25 (if not more) so there are no surprises along the way, prices start form £525 and include a genuine Toyota head gasket or better.

If you have a MKIII Toyota Supra that needs some work you can be sure it will be in safe & knowledgeable hands.

Here are a few pics of my past Supra’s

If you want to have a closer look at some other MKIII Supras then please have a look at the MKIII Supra owners group at a very welcoming helpful and friendly bunch of people you will struggle to find the like of else where.

Toyota Soarer V8s and twin turbo’s

Another Jap vehicle that not many people want to get involved with is the Toyota Soarer, be it V8 or straight 6, Turbo or n/a or in my own case supercharged V8!
Cam belt and water pump replacement happily taken on, also starter motor changes on the V8s, and on some occasion supercharger rebuilds too.

I own a 1994 V8 Soarer and i have just fitted its V8 with an Eaton M112 supercharger from a 2005 Ford Cobra Mustang, it took lots of modifying to nearly everything that sits above the engine block but its given me experience and knowledge that you wont easily find in the UK.

For more info on Toyota Soarers (and others cool Toyota’s/Lexus) in the UK have a wander over to the Lexus world forum at

And if anyone is interested in V8s (and how can you not be?) have a shifty over to the V8UK club and forum at

I am now one of the few people in the South east of England to have a pulley removal/refitting tool for your Eaton supercharger, if you need your pulley removed/fitted i offer a mobile service and remember, the engine has to be cold.

Toyota Celica & GT4s

Well yes i know Celicas aren’t that unusual (although GT4s are a litle rare) but i do tend to do a lot of them so i have plenty of experience on your Celica, new gearbox’s, new clutches, brakes all round or a run of the mill service if thats all thats required, Big end bearings renewed as well.
To see more Celicas of all generations have a look at the Celica owners club at


Timing belts and water pumps on GT4s also catered for, yes its a tough job but someone has to do it.....and as ive have had my very own GT4 track day car i have plenty of experience on these too!

For more info on GT4s have a look at the GT4 owners club at

Phone now on 07825886525 to book a qualified mechanic straight to your door.

Credit & debit cards now accepted

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